Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Endoscopic Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome With Endoscopic Surgery

Rome Memorial Hospital is hosting a series of free lectures to increase medical knowledge. This Health Night, as the lectures are named, will speak about the use of endoscopic surgery to more effectively mend Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The lecturer will be Mitchel Rubinovich, M.D., C.D., and orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in musculoskeletal treatment.

Dr. Rubinovich is an experienced medical specialist and a fellow of the Canadian (Royal) and American Colleges of Surgery. He earned his degree in Montreal, Canada, specifically at McGill University.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an affliction influencing the arm and occurs when a nerve extending from our shoulder into the hand gets pressurized. This can cause severe joint and hand pain, numbness, loss of grip strength, and a tingling sensation. Numerous people suffering from the syndrome report waking up at night due to these sensations.

Dr. Rubinovich will go in-depth about what causes the condition, what puts people at risk, and symptoms. The central talking point of the lecture, however, will be treatment, namely, endoscopic operations on the carpal tunnel.

Operating in an endoscopic manner has a multitude of advantages over open procedures. Complications are notably fewer, and the recovery process is rapid. Grip strength also returns to normal levels at a faster pace.

The method of surgery could be particularly meaningful for laborers who rely on their hands for their jobs, such as physical workers or positions that need to type a lot. Those looking to urgently return to work should definitely look into getting an endoscopic operation instead of open surgery.

Dr. Rubinovich will hold the discourse at Mohawk Valley Community College, more precisely Room 150 of the Rome Campus. Those wishing to attend should register beforehand, to avoid clutter. The most efficient way of getting to the location is entering from Floyd Avenue and keeping to the right side until you locate the campus parking lot. Signs will be put in place so that attendees can have an easier time navigating towards the lecture.