Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) describes the legal framework for the way (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) collects and utilizes the data of its users. This Policy is also applicable to the marketing, outreach, and informational emails that the Website sends. It is not applicable to any information on job applicants or employees. Additionally, it does not apply to any information gathered offline. 

Collected Information

The types of user data that the Website “processes” (as in uses, stores, and collects) will depend on the type of interaction that the user has with the Website. The basic kinds of user information that the Website collects are outlined below:

  • Contact information: The Website gathers the email addresses and names of its users. This includes individuals that sign up for the Website’s newsletters. Additionally, the Website might collect the name of a user’s company, their fax, and phone number. 
  • Usage and website information: The Website collects information on the types of browser that its users utilize. Additionally, the Website will gather data on what other sites the user visits before entering the Website. The browser information that the Website collects may potentially contain the general area or region where a user is located while accessing the site. 

Information Collection Methods

There are four general methods by which the Website collects information from its users:

  • Directly: By obtaining information directly from its users. 
  • Passively: The passive collection of information includes various tracking tools, such as cookies and related advertising software. 
  • Third-party: The Website also collects data on users from third parties. This pertains to sources such as social media websites. 
  • Combined: The Website combines user data attained from multiple sources. 

Information Use

The Website processes user information, in ways that depend on the type of interaction that the user has with the Website, for a variety of uses that are in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the relevant regulation on data protection. The purposes for which the information may be used are outlined below: 

  • Dealing with requests and questions: The Website may use user data to answer a user-submitted query, question, or request. At times, this may be performed in order to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations stemming from an already existing agreement with a user, or in anticipation of reaching an agreement with a user. 
  • Sending user-relevant information: The Website may send users an invitation for an event that it considers the user may be interested in attending, as well as similar information relevant to the user’s interests. Additionally, the Website might send information to the user regarding a legal update related to the Website. The sending of the above-mentioned information may be performed with user consent or in accordance with the Website’s legitimate business interests. 
  • Website improvement: As an example, the Website might utilize user information to find out what type of content users interact with most often and adjust its services accordingly. This is done solely in accordance with the Website’s legal and legitimate business interests. 

Information Sharing

The Website may share user information in the following cases:

  • With Website-related entities: The Website may share user data with its related entities.
  • With relevant service providers: The Website may share user information with a company that handles the Website’s email campaigns or other similar vendors who assist the Website in terms of technology and user management. 
  • For compliance with the law: In some cases, the Website will share information if need be, while cooperating with relevant law enforcement agencies in appropriate cases, while limiting Website damages, or while using legal remedies to safeguards the property and personal rights of the users, the Website, and the Website employees. 
  • With user consent: Should the Website not process user information according to its legal business interests or on the basis of a contractual obligation that the Website has with its users, the Website might disclose or share user information, provided it receives the user’s consent. 
  • Other cases: Otherwise, the Website will disclose user information in ways not listed above, if they are in accordance with the relevant regulation on data security and user privacy. 

User Options

According to their personal preferences, users may opt-out of receiving any advertisements or marketing materials via email. Additionally, users may also have options regarding other types of emails that the Website routinely sends to its users. 

Information Storage in the US

The Website is located in the United States. Consequently, all collected user information is stored there. For users who are not located in the United States, bear in mind that any data a user submits will be transferred and kept in the U.S. The continued usage of this Website and its services means a user’s active consent to this policy. Additionally, it means a user’s explicit understanding that the level of protection for personal digital data in the U.S. may not be on the same level as the relevant regulations in a user’s home jurisdiction. 

Security Procedures 

In terms of digital security procedures, the Website utilizes measures which are in accordance with the industry standard, as well as the applicable security and privacy regulations in relevant jurisdictions. However, there is no website on the internet which may guarantee a flawless, 100% level of security. With this in mind, the Website encourages all users to share personal information with a degree of caution. 

Data Retention

The Website retains, accesses, and stores user information for as long as needed in accordance with its relationship to its users (meaning while the users are accessing the Website), or longer if the timeline of the information usage remains in accordance with the applicable legal regulations in relevant jurisdictions and the Website’s policies on data retention. The Website does not collect any more personal data than it needs to fulfill its user-related obligations, its legitimate business interests, or the legal requirements. 

Third-Party Links

The Website may contain third-party links, meaning links to outside content. This content is not controlled or curated by the Website in any way and relies solely on the business practices of the third-party entity, such as an external website. The same is true for the third party’s privacy policies. The Website advises all users to familiarize themselves with the third-party privacy policies before sharing any information or data with external websites. 

Data Collection From Children

The content found on the Website is not intended for children younger than the age of 13. The Website never knowingly collects data, including personal data, from children. Should the Website learn that it has gathered personal data from an individual under the above-mentioned applicable age, it will be deleted in a timely manner. 

Privacy Policy Updates 

This Privacy Policy may be updated at a certain point in time. All users will be notified of the privacy policy changes via the Website. Any continued usage of the Website services once the revised Privacy Policy has been posted means a user’s acceptance of the revisions found in the new version of the document.