Is Wearing An Elastic Band Around Your Wrist Damaging?

Elastic Band on wrist

Dr. Boland has his doubts, claiming that it’s difficult to believe that an elastic you need to wrap multiple times around your hair to be effective does anything when stretched around your arm.

The reason is that the outside pressure wouldn’t be powerful enough to affect the internal parts of the arm. The nerve supply within the nerve is inside the tunnel; it doesn’t come from the visible veins and arteries on the outside, he explains.

At best, he thinks, it was an accident waiting to happen.

Women are at a three times larger risk of CTS than men, with the riskiest periods of their life being pregnancies, menopause, and entering their seventh or eighth decade. Men don’t have a particular danger period, with them CTS can happen as they grow old.

Trauma is another CTS factor, Boland mentioned. Wrist, namely Colles fractures, are known to commonly cause more or less severe CTS. At times, CTS caused by the injury may demand surgery.

Even if hairbands are unlikely to cause CTS, the possibility isn’t entirely ruled out. We’d recommend breaking the habit of placing them on your wrist and finding a better place for storage. Even if you lose one or two, the safety might be worth it.