Dr. Mitchel Rubinovich to Hold a Free Lecture

Endoscopic Surgery

A discussion about CTS will be held at Rome Memorial Hospital’s Health Night Lecture. Hosting the lecture will be none other than M.D., C.D. Mitchel Rubinovich, an orthopedic surgeon at Rome Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Those who wish to attend can visit Mohawk Valley Community College, room 150 of the Rome Campus, to be exact.

Dr. Mitchel Rubinovich is an experienced surgeon, specializing in sports and orthopedic procedures. He earned his medical degree in Montreal, Canada, at McGill University, and is a fellow of the Royal (Canadian) and American College of Surgery.

Dr. Rubinovich will go in-depth about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Topics covered will include symptoms, leading causes, risk factors, and most importantly, treatment. CTS can induce pain and weakness so severe it could interfere with everyday functions or interrupt sleep.

The main factor to contracting CTS is sex, with women being three times as likely to suffer from it than men. Three risk periods for women are pregnancy, menopause, and the seventh or eighth decade of their lives. For men, CTS can simply appear with age.

A vital talking point during Dr. Rubinovich’s presentation will be endoscopic surgery in treating CTS. Studies show that this way of treatment allows for fewer complications and quicker recovery compared to open surgery.

Endoscopic surgery can be especially crucial for physical laborers. It has shown to improve grip strength rapidly and allow workers to get back to their jobs faster.

Rome Memorial Hospital sponsors the free Health night Lectures, and event organizers encourage making a reservation if you plan to attend. To get to room 150, enter the college from Floyd Avenue, keep to the right, and follow the road on the same side to the parking lot. Signs will be present to ease your navigation.